Badgers 4 - Wasps 0 / by Jonathan Thomson


Yesterday at UWNR Jack & I discovered yet another wasps nest, which had been beautifully plundered by the resident badgers. This hole is the best part of 18 inches across and 2 feet deep. There are small bits of the underground nest remaining, but the badgers have fully feasted on the grubs. I have watched twice this summer, badgers at UWNR searching for food - it is clear that they are being pushed hard by this drought. This is the fourth wasps nest, which has been unearthed and consumed this season - I have not seen this at UWNR before and this feat is astonishing. The ground at the moment is brick hard and the badger must be viciously attached by the wasps as the excavation occurs - amazing! Given that wasps are a significant threat to the newly established wild bee hive, this activity is perhaps limiting the risks to the new bee colony. This activity though is balanced by the fact that wasps are a key prey species for hornets, which are abundant at UWNR. As ever winners and losers.