Mysterious (Confounding) Nature! / by Jonathan Thomson

In March of this year the second 'Beast from the East' claimed a Barn Owl at UWNR. We were devastated by this event and it took us a good while to get-over-it. I stayed at the land last night and to my astonishment, as darkness fell, there was loud & distinct hissing coming from the Barn Owl box. Only one thing makes this rasping noise, at this time of the year - Owlets! So for the third season in a row the land at UWNR will welcome young White Owls. Oh what joy and happiness. 

So the mystery is what happened in March 2018? Was the dead owl from another territory (although Barn Owls are not particularly territorial)? Was it a juvenile owl from the UWNR brood of spring / summer 2017? Did one of the UWNR pair die (Barn Owls mate for life) - to be replaced in time for this breeding season? 

I will never know, but UWNR again feels complete.....