2 Grass Snakes basking / by Jonathan Thomson

Today at UWNR, I saw 2 Grass Snakes within a few minutes of each other, both basking beneath sheets of silver, galvanized corrugated iron. This is very exciting and shows the resident population is more than a single individual.

At the beginning of summer, with the help of young people from Seeds4Success, we placed approx 20 sheets of silver, galvanized corrugated iron around the land. The bulk of the sheets were placed near the lake and all facing south, to increase levels of solar gain.

Today had started cool with heavy persistent rain. This cleared around 12.00 noon leaving partly cloudy skies and humid temperatures, in the low 20's degrees C. It was in these conditions I found both snakes basking beneath the warming iron sheets.

1 snake was perhaps 12 inches in length and 1 was closer to 18 inches.