Different Histories.... / by Jonathan Thomson

Last week, it was a huge privilege to have Sue Clifford and Angela King visit Underhill Wood Nature Reserve (UWNR). Sue and Angela are champions for our environment and have achieved much over the years, fighting for important causes. Things like the banning of Otter hunting & commercial Whale hunting, stand among their many achievements.  More latterly they ran Common Ground working with another personal hero, Roger Deakin.

This link gives more information about Common Ground in its current form- https://www.commonground.org.uk

On our walk around UWNR Angela and Sue pointed out Dog's Mercury, growing alongside the stream bed which runs north - south through the land. They then went on to tell me that Dog's Mercury is an indicator of ancient woodland - to quote Sue; 'it gives evidence to woodland existing since 1600'.

So this is exciting news - the land at UWNR was once part of an ancient, and probably extensive, woodland.