I can now die - happily... / by Jonathan Thomson

Yesterday morning in the gloom of 07.30, and with the remnants of Storm Caroline raging around UWNR, I waked through the barn and gazed westward. Through squinted eyes I could just about make something out, and it appeared to be sitting on one of the hunting perches, which are situated throughout the barn owl field. No surely not? But maybe! I crept and fetched the binoculars and there it was - a large, adult barn owl perched on the cross-bar of the perch, in full hunting mode. More joy, more wonder. I then lost sight of it....I think it had dived for prey? My next sighting was the same bird sitting upright and proud on the balcony of the 5-Star barn owl hotel. After a pause, it turned to face the entrance and then popped in. More joy, more wonder. So more than 2 years on, the UWNR resident barn owls are using the hotel as intended. By this time the day was gathering light and I thought; I can now die happily!